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Joel McPeak

Joel McPeak

Commerce Bank

Commercial Banking Representative

Personal Information

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School: UMSL

Major: Business (Finance)

Years at College Works: 2009 to 2010

Career Information

Company You Work For Now: Commerce Bank

Title: Commercial Banking Representative

Industry: Banking

Brief Description of Duties / Responsibilities

Analytical and underwriting support for a commercial lending group. The portfolio I help manage is comprised of some of the largest corporate relationships that exist within our bank, with special emphasis in the Beverage and Energy Industries.

CWP Career Impact

How did your CWP experience impact your career? Immediately after graduation? Now?

My experience doing cold calling over the phone was what got my foot in the door of the banking industry. The interview I had for my first position ended up being a role play session where I recalled my cold-call script from memory. I nailed it and got the job.

What was the greatest lesson you learned from your CWP experience?

Wherever you find yourself working, whether that be for yourself or for a corporation, be an entrepreneur and take ownership of your business.


What's your favorite memory from CWP?

Getting to go to Cancun for free and getting the Missouri award and having people from all over the country asking me how I did it was really rewarding.