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Quintin Quevedo

Quintin Quevedo



Personal Information

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School: University of Nebraska - Lincoln

Major: Business Administration

Years at College Works: 2010

Career Information

Company You Work For Now: Gavilon

Title: Merchandiser/Trader

Industry: Agriculture

Brief Description of Duties / Responsibilities

Trade animal feed commodities.

What Has Been Your Proudest Accomplishment Post-CWP?

Completing my MBA at night while working full time, and receiving two awards in the process.

CWP Career Impact

In one sentence, what has CWP meant to you?

It has shown me that winners are not afraid to step outside their comfort zone.

How did your CWP experience impact your career? Immediately after graduation? Now?

Knocking on doors gave me the confidence to put myself out there, and the practice of working on my conversational skill. When someone asks "How are you?" try not to answer in just one word, have something to say to carry on the conversation. It makes you more approachable.

What do you want to tell your clients about what it meant to work with them and how it has helped you get to where you are today?

His name was Greg, he was the most difficult customer I had. He rode me very hard on every detail. He is my favorite/most memorial client because I learned the most from him. I didn not set expectations well, and he called me out on it every time. But when the job was finally done, he invited me inside for chicken wings. There were no hard feelings on either side. It was not personal at all, that taught me a lot about how important setting expectations and communication is in business.

What was the greatest lesson you learned from your CWP experience?

Setting reasonable expectations. Under promise, over deliver.

How has the friendships and networks you built during CWP affected you?

CWP veterans can become valuable contacts in the future.

If you had to come up with an one line slogan for CWP, what would it be? :)

Climbing the latter sometimes starts with a paintbrush.


What advice do you have for potential CWP participants? Current CWP participants?

Fully understand what you're getting into. Ask questions, and be sure you understand. It is not for everyone and that is okay, but those who have the will to see it through will learn more about themselves then that ever thought possible in such a short amount of time.

Many college students struggle to choose between an internship specific to their target industry or doing CWP. What advice would you give them on this subject if they wanted to enter your career field?

Mix it up. Industries like people who are experienced/cross-trained in more than one field. Those people usually bring a different way of thinking to a problem.

What's your best advice for someone interested in entering your career field?

Don not be afraid to simply pick up the phone and talk to other players in the market. It is the best way to learn what is going on.

What's your favorite memory from CWP?

Painting a house for Mary, who is blind. She went blind later in life. She picked out the colors and everything (from memory). It looked great! Once the neighbors saw that Mary had enough trust in me to let me paint her house, I ended up painting four of the neighbors houses.

Last words of wisdom

At the end of the day, you are the leader. If you do not feel like you are, then fake it until it becomes a reality.

Quintin Quevedo