College Works Painting
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"It launched my career. When I took my first position out of undergrad with the Detroit Pistons, the only experience they wanted to speak about was CWP."

— Margot O'Neil, Product Innovator for 7-Eleven Inc

"CWP taught me everything and gave me all the tools I needed to succeed and to get me where I am today."

— Joel Dempsey, Associated Bank

"CWP for mean has meant the transition between dreaming about big things and actually doing big things."

— Tim Rist, Keller Williams

"CWP meant stretching myself way out of my comfort zone so that I could grow into the successful person I want to be."

— Justin Kurp, Engineer at Bechtel Marine Propulsion Corporation

"College Works showed me what it meant to get up and hit the pavement every day and to succeed as an entrepreneur."

— Andrea Miller, Owner of The Music Room

"It was the best education I have received thus far."

— Skyler Hallgren, Account Executive at Buyer’s Best Friend

Chris Warden

The foundation of business skills that I developed with CWP play a major role in what I'm able to accomplish today.


Mike Chereso

Realty Capital Securities

Provided me the ability to get real world experience in managing a sales force and clients expectations.


Brian Wingfield

Arthur J. Gallagher

At first, CWP was purely a means to help pay tuition/finish my education; however, it ended up being the single most important experience I've had to date.