College Works Painting
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"It launched my career. When I took my first position out of undergrad with the Detroit Pistons, the only experience they wanted to speak about was CWP."

— Margot O'Neil, Product Innovator for 7-Eleven Inc

"CWP taught me everything and gave me all the tools I needed to succeed and to get me where I am today."

— Joel Dempsey, Associated Bank

"CWP for mean has meant the transition between dreaming about big things and actually doing big things."

— Tim Rist, Keller Williams

"CWP meant stretching myself way out of my comfort zone so that I could grow into the successful person I want to be."

— Justin Kurp, Engineer at Bechtel Marine Propulsion Corporation

"College Works showed me what it meant to get up and hit the pavement every day and to succeed as an entrepreneur."

— Andrea Miller, Owner of The Music Room

"It was the best education I have received thus far."

— Skyler Hallgren, Account Executive at Buyer’s Best Friend

Kienen Koga

Kiewit Building Group

CWP taught me how to persevere through any circumstance and has prepared me for life after college better than school itself.


Matthew Burris

Solvay Inc.

The internship, while not out rightly aligned with my major of study/career path, nevertheless instilled valuable lessons and experience that would not have been gained otherwise.


Rich Headley

Dukes Aerospace / National Guard

Integrity: Being able to look in the mirror and tell yourself you finished what you started, gave it your all, and didn't listen to the people laughing along the way... whether you hit your goal or not.