College Works Painting
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Current Employer: Sterling Jewelers


Drew Koechley

Ecommerce Analyst at Sterling Jewelers
Industry: Finance

College Major: Marketing & Logistics Management

State: OH

CWP: 2011

"It demonstrated that I am able to work with people in a management and client relations role. "

What Has Been Your Proudest Accomplishment Post-CWP?

Getting my first full time offer



George James III

Payment Solutions Specialist/Bill Collector at Alliance Data
Industry: Finance

College Major: Human Ecology and Financial Services

State: Ohio

CWP: 2011

"It gave me a much more realistic understanding of what would be required of me if I wanted to start my own business. This helped me after graduation with making the decisions I did to stay at Alliance Data. I got an even greater perspective of what I really wanted from life and what was not as important."