College Works Painting
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Current Employer: Barclays Capital


Dane Mauland

Securitized Products Trading Analyst at Barclays Capital

College Major: Finance, Investment, and Banking; Real Estate

State: Wisconsin

CWP: 2016 to 2018

"One of the questions I was asked in my final round interview was "The other three applicants are from schools like Harvard and Yale. Why should we hire you over them?" I was able to draw on my experience at CWP to answer the question and differentiate myself from the other candidates. Sure, they were from better schools, but I had proven myself in a challenging role with significant responsibilities. If they asked about my leadership style, I could give an example of when I was managing employees on multi-thousand dollar projects instead of just talking about how I was a shift lead at some summer job. If they asked how I prioritized, I'd give an example of how I prioritized the marketing, sales, production, and HR activities at CWP instead of talking about how I prioritized my studying for exams. If they asked about how I worked with others, I'd give an example of working with my clients during their painting project to ensure they were happy with the end result instead of talking about some group project. Having these real world examples set me apart and allowed me to land my dream job,"

What Has Been Your Proudest Accomplishment Post-CWP?

Landing my dream job at Barclays!