College Works Painting
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Current Employer: Flyhomes


Jack Schwabeland

Program Manager - Sales Enablement at Flyhomes

College Major: Economics

State: Maryland

"CWP made me comfortable going door to door, so it was only natural for me to show up at the door of Flyhomes and apply in-person. A little while after I was hired, the COO told me that after I handed in my resume, the recruiter breezed it over and discarded it. He, on the other hand, had watched my interaction with the recruiter from across the office and thought there was something special about someone who shows up in person, in a full suit to apply for a job. So, he went over and looked at my resume. In a wonderful stroke of luck, he knew about College Works. When he told me this story, his exact words were "anyone who can make it at College Works can make it at Flyhomes." And so, I was hired. Flyhomes is a unicorn in the startup world. When I joined, we had well under 100 people. Today we have 1000. If I hadn't done CWP, my resume would still be in the proverbial trash can...or at least it would have stayed there til I knocked on that door again...again...and again!"

What Has Been Your Proudest Accomplishment Post-CWP?

I had terrible money habits in college. Post-college, many of the organization and discipline habits I learned at CWP helped me develop a frugal mentality, save a big chunk of my earnings, and buy 2 homes in awesome locations.