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Current Employer: Lauren Stefan, LLC


Lauren Archut

Owner/Lead Hair & Make-up Artist at Lauren Stefan, LLC
Industry: Beauty

College Major: Chemistry

State: Pennsylvania

CWP: 2008

"I don't think that CWP had too much impact on my career immediately after graduation. My degree is in Chemistry and after graduating I took a position at GlaxoSmithKlein. It payed well but I was really not interested in it, or the entire field. What I really wanted was to start my own company in the beauty industry! So finally I left and started from scratch in a salon. I did a lot of cold calling and selling myself to build up my clientele. This is an area where I used things from my experience with CWP. But where I am seeing my CWP experience impact my career the most is now, 4 years later. From the very beginning of planning the company, the process of starting the company, recruiting for my company, marketing and sales - I'm thinking back to my CWP experience through it all. But most of all, it's what I learned about myself that has propelled my career the most - I am extremely goal oriented and I work best when I set ridiculously high goals!"

What Has Been Your Proudest Accomplishment Post-CWP?

Starting my own company - Lauren Stefan, LLC.