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Current Employer: Kaspersky Lab


John Ashwin

Recruitment Manager, Human Resources at Kaspersky Lab
Industry: Computer & Network Security, Computer Software

College Major: History, Pre-law

State: Illinois

CWP: 2006

"I was only a freshman in college when I did CWP, and by the time I finished my internship, I knew what it was like to work 60-70 hours, negotiate and speak with different kinds of people, handle rejection and disappointment, close big deals, produce complicated projects with various moving parts and understand what professionalism and customer service really mean. I got into Recruiting after college, and I was able to build on all of these experiences and reference them whenever a new position or project came up. There was a confidence and level of comfort I had when it came to facing difficult situations that I could have only learned through CWP at such an early stage in my career. "

What Has Been Your Proudest Accomplishment Post-CWP?

Graduating from Northern Illinois with my Bachelor's degree and establishing a solid career in Human Resources for a great company like Kaspersky. Everyday, I have the opportunity to help an organization become more efficient as well as help people get jobs.