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Current Employer: Personify Inc


Nick Timmons

Sales Executive at Personify Inc
Industry: Software

College Major: MS in Technology Management

State: IL

"CWP gave me the confidence to take risks, to step off the ledge, to be one of those people that doesn't talk about doing things, but rather is one of those who just DOES. I realized that I could manage a diverse set of people, customer expectations, complex projects, project costs...and manage them all profitably. I morphed my natural leadership skills to a business paradigm. And that has been massively helpful throughout every phase of my career to date."

What Has Been Your Proudest Accomplishment Post-CWP?

There is no truer indication of leadership and performance than the esteem of one's peers. Being elected to represent my Master's cohort during Graduation as Valedictorian, during a moment of massive shared accomplishment, was a great honor. I was one of two Americans in my Program. Out of 50 world class engineers with a business bent from all over the world: I was the best. Not just because of some numbers on a piece of paper, but because my classmates themselves said so. It was very humbling, but massively emboldening as well.