College Works Painting
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Current Employer: Signature Consultants


Colton Doss

IT Recruiter Consultant at Signature Consultants
Industry: Technology

College Major: Business Administration/Operations management

State: MO

CWP: 2013

"I could have been a 4.0 student and wouldn't have made it past the first interview in this field. You needed self management skills, time management skills, and proven results. I graduated last year, but did not move back to St. Louis until September. I did over 20 interviews with a variety of companies. Every, and I mean every recruiter was simply impressed that CWP's program was available for college undergrads. They did have a confused look when they asked how I managed a painting business in college without ever touching a paintbrush before, however the recruiters can tell when you bullshit your bullet points on a resume. I was able to talk about how I handled myself, my crews, my budget, my time, my life, my stress, my difficulties, my problems in an honest way that was able to be related to. Every recruiter wants to know when you hit your breaking point and how you got out of it. Compared to my friends, I have had enough experience for two lifetimes. "

What Has Been Your Proudest Accomplishment Post-CWP?

My proudest accomplishment was paying off all of my student loans before they were issued to me! No interest baby!