College Works Painting
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Current Employer: Tenacious Ventures


Colin Christianson

Founder & CEO at Tenacious Ventures
Industry: Marketing

College Major: Business Administration

State: WA

CWP: 2005 to 2007

"CWP impacted me by developing my business skill, ethics and my financials. I was able to buy a laptop, painting van, then car over the 3 years I was involved. These tools then helped me later launch my company Tenacious Ventures. Along with the skills I developed to do my accounting, profit analysis, put together estimates, and manage clients and employees, I was able to build a strong operation plan for my online marketing and media production company. Since CWP taught me just to get out and get started despite my lack of knowledge in the industry, I was able to teach and position myself in the right places to be an expert in a newly emerging industry."

What Has Been Your Proudest Accomplishment Post-CWP?

Launching my company Tenacious Ventures and then establishing a strong enough reputation so that amazing organizations like Microsoft, Walgreens, Solavei, The Gates Notes Foundation, etc.. reached out to me has been one of the most incredible accomplishments that makes me proud even to this day.