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Current Employer: Yolo County CASA Center


Nicole Gamen

Court Appointed Advocate/ Intern at Yolo County CASA Center
Industry: Legal

College Major: Political Science

State: California

CWP: 2013

"To work for CASA you had to be 21 years of age or graduate of UCD bachelors program. I did this internship as a freshman and so I had not yet earned either of those qualifications. However upon encouragement by my coworkers at CWP I applied for the internship anyways. I ended up being hired among colleagues who are much older than myself because I was quote "the most qualified applicant for the job"."

What Has Been Your Proudest Accomplishment Post-CWP?

I am a pretty recent alumni of CWP so my proudest accomplishment so far has been getting into my dream internship that I wouldn't have otherwise qualified for being an young undergraduate.