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Chris Pomeroy

Chris Pomeroy


Program Manager

Personal Information

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School: University of Massachusetts Amherst

Major: Computer Graphics and Entrepreneurship

Years at College Works: 2002 to 2003

Career Information

Company You Work For Now: Google

Title: Program Manager

Industry: Internet

Brief Description of Duties / Responsibilities

Build programs around Google Cloud Platform.

What Has Been Your Proudest Accomplishment Post-CWP?

Leading a sales team for a start-up (Stackdriver) to an acquisition by Google.

CWP Career Impact

In one sentence, what has CWP meant to you?

CWP accelerated my career by providing me with an opportunity to run a small business before graduating from college.

How did your CWP experience impact your career? Immediately after graduation? Now?

Accelerated my career in sales. I took on sales roles faster than my peers.

What was the greatest lesson you learned from your CWP experience?

No business can survive without sales.

How has the friendships and networks you built during CWP affected you?

I keep in touch with many of my peers. We shared something together that formed a lifelong bond.


What advice do you have for potential CWP participants? Current CWP participants?

This will be the hardest thing you've ever done. Succeed or fail, you will learn a lot about yourself, life lessons, and selling,

Many college students struggle to choose between an internship specific to their target industry or doing CWP. What advice would you give them on this subject if they wanted to enter your career field?

I wanted to do sales so CWP was specific to my target industry.

What's your best advice for someone interested in entering your career field?

Start with sales.

What's your favorite memory from CWP?

When I brought my reference letters (a small book worth) to job interviews. Hiring managers were floored!

Last words of wisdom

"The world is run by those who show up"