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Drew Koechley

Drew Koechley

Sterling Jewelers

Ecommerce Analyst

Personal Information

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School: The Ohio State University

Major: Marketing & Logistics Management

Years at College Works: 2011

Career Information

Company You Work For Now: Sterling Jewelers

Title: Ecommerce Analyst

Industry: Finance

Brief Description of Duties / Responsibilities

Develop forecasts from online performance metrics to support interdepartmental forecasting and budgeting needs. Reporting and analysis of key ecommerce performance indicators and actual results compared to Plan and Comp performance. Assist in the ongoing development and improvement of non-Standard reporting within the web analytics tool (Coremetrics). Extracting applicable information from underlying data to investigate and support assessment of and improvement in site performance, UX, affiliate programming, email campaigns, mobile/device usage. Provide ad hoc web analytic reporting as needed. Maintain historical data and document analytics processes.

What Has Been Your Proudest Accomplishment Post-CWP?

Getting my first full time offer

CWP Career Impact

In one sentence, what has CWP meant to you?

The only person holding me back from success is me.

How did your CWP experience impact your career? Immediately after graduation? Now?

It demonstrated that I am able to work with people in a management and client relations role.

What do you want to tell your clients about what it meant to work with them and how it has helped you get to where you are today?

2011: Emily Hellesen gave me confidence to complete my jobs for the rest of the summer.

What was the greatest lesson you learned from your CWP experience?

Never settle. No matter what.

How has the friendships and networks you built during CWP affected you?

My CWP buddy Garrett Galen was my roommate for a year and will be in my wedding next June.


What advice do you have for potential CWP participants? Current CWP participants?

Never settle because you will never know what you were capable of.

What's your best advice for someone interested in entering your career field?

I personally think it's dependent on a few things. The best time for the internship I believe is sophomore year. You have the relevant experience going into your junior year when you are looking for an internship matched up with your ideal career path.

What's your favorite memory from CWP?

Shooting my fellow interns at paintball sponsored by Sherwin Williams. Unfortunately, I never got to shoot Brent Miller.