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Sierra Mitchell

Sierra Mitchell

Meng Law


Personal Information

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School: University of Maryland

Major: Spanish Language and Literature

Years at College Works: 2004

Career Information

Company You Work For Now: Meng Law

Title: Attorney

Industry: Legal

Brief Description of Duties / Responsibilities

Representation of clients in the areas of family law, estate and trust planning and litigation, contract formation and disputes and general litigation.

What Has Been Your Proudest Accomplishment Post-CWP?

Going to law school and doing well. It has given me a vehicle to help people who are truly in need of not only legal guidance, but practical guidance during difficult times in their lives.

CWP Career Impact

In one sentence, what has CWP meant to you?

CWP taught me to push the limits of my comfort zone - not only in sales/management, but in getting hands-on with the actual labor of painting.

How did your CWP experience impact your career? Immediately after graduation? Now?

It made me more comfortable with asking people to hire me and asking people to pay me. In family law, clients rack up expensive legal bills that they have difficulty paying. Unfortunately, you don't just get out of a case because your escrow is depleted. CWP taught me to get paid for my work. You finish a job, you get the check. Nothing personal.

What do you want to tell your clients about what it meant to work with them and how it has helped you get to where you are today?

I don't remember, but I had a man in Chesapeake Beach in 2004 that decided he wanted his house painted pink, and I mean PINK. It was a beach bungalow so it wasn't offensive, but it was just the most odd selection. He turned out to be very eccentric (imagine that) and loved us being there. He chose neon pink doors and purple trim. I didn't understand it but it was his decision. He would make us lunch and stocked his garage fridge for us. Overall, that job didn't do much for my career, but it made the summer enjoyable. I still have my old paint supplies and whenever that pink color pops through after scrubbing something it makes me smile.

What was the greatest lesson you learned from your CWP experience?

I learned the greatness of my will-power. The whole summer I wanted to quit. I was physically exhausted and my brother who was also in CWP quit. I wasn't making the money I thought I would, but I was determined to finish my commitment. I did, and to this day I am proud that I ran a painting business.

How has the friendships and networks you built during CWP affected you?

I ended up dating one of my CWP friends for a while. We still keep in touch and hung out many times after we went our separate ways.


What advice do you have for potential CWP participants? Current CWP participants?

Be prepared to push your limits. Cold calling is hard. Finding reliable employees is hard. Being out in the summer heat from sunrise to sunset, while your friends are at the beach is nearly impossible but you find a way to dig in and get the job done. You'll be proud of yourself. I still feel proud when I drive by a house that I painted 10 years ago and it looks amazing!

What's your best advice for someone interested in entering your career field?

Work in a law firm before you decide to go to law school. Nothing gives you better insight on what you will do on a daily basis than being in the mix. Law school is a big investment. Make sure it is what you want to do.

What's your favorite memory from CWP?

On one of our weekend trips we went to Fenwick Island, DE and jet skied as a group. A pod of dolphins came right up to us. It was a magical experience.

Last words of wisdom

CWP definitely helped me develop as a young person. It gave me the knowledge to operate my own business one day. It taught me how to be an amazing painter, which anyone can use in their personal lives (and friends love this!). Mostly, CWP gave me a unique experience that I could not have found anywhere else. It adds something to my character and my background that surprises people in a good way.

Sierra Mitchell